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This page will keep you up to date with the progress of the restoration work

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The First Minister and Dougie's window The VIPs
Line up with choir The choir

# Official Opening by Alex Salmond on 21 June 2008 #

A new plaque The old plaque being restored
The 'jewel' like quality of the building begins to show And the first exhibit is on display
A flurry of landscaping to be ready for the opening And getting the parking space ready
Visitors all comment on the lovely ambience of the upstairs room And it also has good acoustic properties
The Festival office begins to  look very smart And is wood panelled
The Bothy floor is also laid with flagstones And then the original bunks are replaced
There are flagstones in the reception area And the lucky shoe is back in the building
The downstairs cobbling is fitted around the wiring And is laid out in a square framework
The bore holes are dug (2 of them) This tube reaches down 150 metres

# Progress leading up to the launch #

Bore hole sleeves for the geothermal heating system arrive  
Plans for the reception area Dougie does the windows
Then the slabs are layed We find a well in the reception area
Caithness slabs are delivered Measurements are made for the slabs
Upstairs gets decorated The office gets clad

# Progress as at 4 June 2008 #

This is where the reception area will be  
Careful lead work for the chimneys Removing concrete to replace it with Caithness slabs
The net loft nears completion according to the plan Skilled craftsmanship needed to make the arched windows
The window are lined with hi-tec insulation New sash windows in the bothy
Some external last details The office floor goes down
Filming for the BBC Landward programme The final colour

# Progress as at 21 May 2008 #

This shoe was found buried in the floor It was seemingly a custom in times past.
Service duct comes into being and another service duct
Hooray - the last stone to fill the pipe hiding vent
Windows being made at Davie's workshop Windows to go
Harling overcoat all wrapped up On goes the harl

# Progress as at 02 May 2008 #

Good bye old external sheddie  
Repairing pointing in the main hall One of the old shutters still works
The insulation arrives in bulk 50% over spec insulation fitted in attic space
Bothy now with harling undercoat Splat goes the harling

# Progress as at 22 April 2008 #

The rooves complete The toilet takes shape
Outdoor work - roofing in the snow indoor work - project managing
Wild sea and calm building Wild sea at the end of the street

# Progress as at 04 April 2008 #

Fiddly fitting of new joist Design for the toilets and cupboards
Building the office ceiling Building the office roof
Slating in the rain Cracking on with the slating
Salmon bothy in its surrounding community Felting is applied

# Progress as at 19 March 2008 #

The brains on site Working out the window prototype
Dressing the new floor joist New joists in the bothy
Rotten joists removed Replacing joist in the north corner
New chimney stones being fitted New slates have arrived
Chimney being repaired Preparing a new chimney stone
Hauling the lime to repair the top edge of the wall Repairing top edge of the wall
New sarking being fitted Colour matching for the windows - almost perfect
Damaged sarking removed New sarking being hoisted up

# Progress at 10 March 2008 #

Ongoing work in great hall Timber work in attic area
Gutted Bothy and office extension Quality pointing inside the office extension
Roof ready for retiling Preparing to hide toilet pipes
Chimney breasts with scaffolding Chimney breasts under repair

# End of week 5 - 29 February 2008 #

The old bothy with bunks The old office with fireplace
The first floor great hall The attic space
Roof vault on the ground floor Ground floor room with a net stretcher

Blue sky thinking - who is doing what? Stripping off the old roof slates
Cement harling removed and re-roofing has begun View past boats parked in the net drying area

Graffiti from times gone bye


And the supervisors admire the work

And the plaque before renovation

Removing the cement harling to make way for the lime harling

Deharling at the front door