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 A Short History of the Salmon House

(Extracts from Findlay Pirie's "History of Salmon Fishing")

The Salmon House was purpose built in 1834 by the Seafield Estate, which then owned the salmon fishing rights along the coast. The three storey building provided an office, a bothy, an ice house, a fish preparation area, workshop and storage accommodation.

The stake-net salmon fishing began at a Station near to the mouth of the Burn of the Boyne as early as 1828. Bag-net fishing was also carried out. Abundant supplies of ice were obtained originally from Loch Soy and the Millpond and brought in by horse and cart.

The Salmon House continued in use until 1990, when salmon netting was stopped at the Portsoy Station. Salmon fishing therefore played a major part in the history of fishing in our area.