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Thanks to major funding obtained from and via Aberdeenshire Council and a generous donation by Sangs of Banff we are undertaking an ambitious four month programme of traditional music tuition and song writing - Ballads fae the Bairns. For a set of lyrics with manuscripts and midi files click HERE.

The aim of the programme is to encourage children to look at, think about, and explore their place and their community, and to express aspects of place and community using the styles, forms and melodies of traditional songs which are associated with the area - a kind of map with the songs as co-ordinates. Those aspects could be geographical (sea, coast, rocks, land), historical (events, characters, places), contemporary (events, characters, places), or cultural (things people do, or did, and the way they do, or did, them). Songs could focus on one aspect, or combine several.

The initiative will culminate in an early evening showcase concert at the Boat Festival. Students from Banff Academy will provide background accompaniments. The concert will provide a rare opportunity for the children to perform their work in public. It will equally provide an important opportunity for the public to see the living tradition in action.

This year's later Friday Night Showcase Concert will take place on the evening of the 24th and a star studded programme is being developed. More ...

In addition to all of this, there will be a full programme of live music, dance and theatre around the town over the weekend.

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Dave Francis
(Musical Director)

Fine Friday

Jock Duncan

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